Recommended Tools,

Add-ons and solutions for HighLevel™

Discover our top recommended 3rd party providers and tools that seamlessly integrate with HighLevel.

Streamline your workflows, automate tasks, and improve overall efficiency to take your agency to the next level.

We understand the importance of finding reliable and efficient solutions to enhance your business operations, and that's why we have curated this list of top-notch providers and tools that integrate seamlessly with HighLevel.


HighLevel is a powerful marketing automation platform designed to help businesses streamline their customer communication and lead generation processes.

With its user-friendly interface and robust features, HighLevel empowers agencies and businesses to create effective marketing campaigns, automate repetitive tasks, and track their performance in real-time.

Elevate Your Expertise to New Heights!

Become Certified HighLevel™ Admin

Ready to take your skills to the next level? HighLevel Certifications is your exclusive gateway to advanced knowledge and recognition. If you're already a pro behind the scenes, this program is your shortcut to becoming an undisputed expert. It's time to showcase your mastery and unlock unparalleled benefits. This training will boost your confidence in navigating the buttons and features inherent to the HighLevel platform. Additionally, it opens the door to exclusive invitations for earning additional skills badges.

Cut The Overwhelm With Learning GHL

Quickly learn to start using GHL in as little as 1 day. The step-by-step interactive learning lessons are designed to help you overcome the overwhelming feeling that often comes with learning the Go HighLevel platform.

Get our course

Fast Track to Success with HighLevel Course

This course is designed for anyone who wants to quickly learn fundamentals about how HighLevel® works, how to setup their account and get the most out of this amazing platform.

This course costs $347 but when you sign up for HighLevel® via this link and you get it FREE!

Our Top Recommended Add-Ons for GHL

These providers offer specialized services that complement HighLevel's features, allowing you to streamline your workflows, automate tasks, and improve overall efficiency. By leveraging these providers, you can take your HighLevel experience to the next level and unlock new possibilities for growth.

Stop Wasting Time On Facebook Ads Campaign Management

With UpHex, you can finally offer Facebook ads at scale by templatizing your best performing campaigns and launching them for clients in just three clicks.

If you are an Ad Agency you must check out Uphex! You'll be able to seamlessly offer Facebook advertising to your clients, transforming your agency into a profitable SaaS. All nicely integrated within GHL too!

Automate Your Lead Generation And Cold Email Outreach Using The Power Of Artificial Intelligence With This Tool.

White Label Suite offers tools for agencies that specialize in automated Lead Generation and Cold Email Outreach using the power of Artificial Intelligence

...Unleash Your Agency's Potential With The Ultimate Leads Tool! ✅ The Leads Tool To Build Yours And Your Client's Business ✅ Simply Search, Click And Display Hundreds Of Leads.

Convert More Web Traffic

with ChatHQ's engagement widget!

Increase your MRR and customer retention with the ONLY all-in-one, white label tool built for sales, marketing, customer success, and customer support!

ChatHQ was designed to generate more leads on your websites and funnels, educate and onboard new customers, nurture and support current clients, and can be fully white labeled and resold as your own SaaS!

Why Choose 3rd Party HighLevel Providers?

Integrating 3rd party providers with HighLevel can significantly expand the capabilities of your agency.

Engage, Explain, & Sign Up More Customers Easily With GHL Animated Videos

These guys help you animate almost anything so your white label GHL can have the look of a software company. From animated explainer videos to promotional videos, feature gifs to dashboard screenshots and so much more. They’ve got a library of content to help you with every aspect of promoting your GHL SaaS to get new customers and keep existing customers.

Speed up the setup of snapshots!

This 3rd Party Vendor For GHL Has Bunch Of Excellent Tools .. My Favourite Is The Custom Value Form Updater
(Much Easier For Setting Up New Snapshots!!)

Other stuff they have that's worth exploring:

  • A task system created for ghl that works 100% within GHL

  • Custom button add-ons for the GHL CRM (When in contact to do things faster)

  • White-labeled QR code generator that easily integrates within GHL

  • Cool widgets for funnels (Pricing tables, Custom calculators and lot more)

Customise look & feel of your GHL!

The Marketer's Toolkit is a suite of add-ons that let you customize and improve High Level in every way. You can fully differentiate and improve your users' experience of you white-labelled version of GHL.

In particular I like their 'Them Builder' and 'Custom Loading' ... both of which we used to fully brand our GHL.

Not only everything looks congruent with our agency brand but even little things like the login screen or the 'loading' between screens has our logo (instead of the default provided by GHL)...

Here's example of our login screen fully styled thanks to The Marketer's Toolkit.

Great 3rd Party GHL Vendor For Custom Dashboards

Consolidata allows you to automate and consolidate all of you data sources into one automated report.

Imagine custom dashboard reporting tool that gives you the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the visual experience of a Dashboard. We love Consolidata and use it to create custom calculations and build out the perfect KPI tracking Dashboard for our unique client needs at our own agency Stand Out From The Pack.

Premium Go High Level Snapshots

Unlock the power of Go High Level with our Premium Snapshots. These pre-built templates and automations are specifically designed to streamline your workflow and save you time. From lead generation to sales funnels, our Premium Snapshots will give you a competitive edge by providing you with ready-to-use solutions that can be customised to fit your unique business needs.

Whitelabel support and onboarding for your GHL Agency

Option #1


Growthable is a great company, great service. If you have a GHL agency and want to grow they can help you add those necessary roles you’ll need to support and onboard new clients.

Their prices are crazy (good) and Ryan take a very genuine approach to help you build you agency.

Growthable is a great company, great service. If you have a GHL agency and want to grow they can help you add those necessary roles you’ll need to support and onboard new clients.

Their prices are crazy (good) and Ryan take a very genuine approach to help you build you agency.

Option #2

HL Pro Tools

These guys are the top in the biz! Matt Deseno and his team offer other GHL agencies unlimited Branded HighLevel® Support.

Not only will they give you Branded Live Chat, Email and Zoom Support for your clients but also a customizable and brand-able Demo Video to bring in new clients, the Theme Builder to personalize your software, Power Trainings to teach you winning tactics, and EVEN MORE...

(We use them at our agency Stand Out From The Pack for all things tech)

Option #3


White Label Support For You & Your Clients 24/7

Imagine if all you had to focus on was selling & growing your business. Extendly provide video tutorials, interactive help guides,

a fully white-labeled knowledge base & 24/7 live chat support, Simply, sign up a client & leave the tech support to Extendly.

*I've personally not used them but heard a lot of great things about them.

Powerful AI tools!

Highly recommended if you want to save time and increase conversions!

The AI sales enablement tool for Go HighLevel that requires zero prompting

HeyLevi's Generative AI modules can help you stay competitive and give your clients everything they're asking for and more in a fraction of the time- a whole lot easier than you might think. And no, you don’t need to spend your nights and weekends learning how to write effective prompts, or even buying library-after-library of pre-made prompts to succeed. All it takes is leveraging a single app that integrates right into your HighLevel platform, and letting it do ALL of the heavy lifting for you.

Revolutionize Your Video Creation With AI

🎥 Tired of endless video retakes? Want to ease your stress? Discover the game-changing magic of AI-powered video creation!

Personalised Videos for Cold outreach at scale!

Foster human connections at scale with customers with groundbreaking AI that enables you to make personalized videos at scale that look real. I use it in my cold email outreach as well as unique onboarding customer experiences! Set your templates once, configure in GHL via API and voila! Now everyone gets a personal video from you. This is a MUST if you want to increase your conversion rates :)

Other Cool stuff

Tools we use to help us scale, Automate, Stay compliant and be legit

We use this at all our businesses!... and you should too!

Save Time And Developer Resources. Integrate 1000s Of Apps With This No-Code Visual Platform.

An integration platform that connects HighLevel with hundreds of other apps and tools, enabling seamless data transfer and automation between systems.

Connect HighLevel LeadConnector with any of your favorite apps in just a few clicks. Design, build, and automate anything for your work by integrating apps like HighLevel LeadConnector to create visual automated workflows.

Choose from thousands of ready-made apps or use our no-code toolkit to connect to apps not yet in our library.

All-In-One Compliance Solution For Complex Data Privacy Laws Worldwide.

Termly is an All-in-One Compliance Solution for Small Business.

If you need compliance solutions, but don’t want to spend thousands in legal fees, Termly’s compliance suite can help you stay up to date and compliant with privacy laws like the GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, ePrivacy Regulation, and more — for FREE.

We use them at our own agency as well as for our clients and what we love in particular is that they look after keeping all your legal policies on websites always up to date!


Get access to your clients' Facebook, Google & TikTok assets with 1 link ✅.

Impress clients & prospects with a hassle-free onboarding - get access to their marketing & social media accounts in just a few clicks.

Over 1000 agencies and freelancers use Leadsie to dramatically reduce the time spent on onboarding new clients and…. to make a great first impression. (nothing worse than having to go back and forth via endless trail of emails just to get access to client's FB Ads manager)

This Tool Lets You Automate The Generation Of Images (Great For Personalised Marketing)

Bannerbear is a tool that helps you generate images, videos, and PDFs dynamically using proprietary APIs.

With it, users can design templates and define dynamic fields so unique images are generated based on incoming data.

We use it to create more personalised experiences for our clients. One good example is integration of BannerBear with our Reputation Management System to create social media graphics each time a 5 start Google Review is received.

Still, Sending Emails With Your Free Gmail Account? Time To Take Your Business Seriously... Get On Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a powerful suite of productivity tools for marketing agencies and businesses.

It provides seamless collaboration, real-time editing, and centralized file storage. The suite also includes robust email and calendar functionalities. Overall, it enhances collaboration, simplifies file management, and improves productivity.

Sign up on this link for a 14 day trial of Google Workspace

If You Wanna Launch Your Own Podcast... Nothing Beats This Tool!

Podcast hosting to manage and monetize your podcast

Captivate gives you the freedom and flexibility to make podcasting yours. Create and distribute unlimited podcasts, get advanced analytics, monetize and promote in one simple, easy-to-use dashboard.

I use it to distribute two of my podcasts to the world
*Click below the check each out:

Edit Video Like A Doc... Simple And With Tons Of AI Build In Features

Descript is an innovative platform that revolutionizes video and audio editing.

With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Descript streamlines the editing process, saving time and effort. Its unique transcription capabilities allow users to edit text-based transcripts as easily as a document, making it efficient for creating polished content.

Whether removing filler words, adding captions, or generating voiceovers, Descript provides a comprehensive solution for all editing needs. By using Descript, agencies and businesses can enhance productivity, improve content quality, and deliver exceptional results to clients.

We use it to produce episodes for our podcast Success Inspired.

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I help frustrated agency owners create more stable businesses and healthier lifestyles by showing them how to add a monthly recurring revenue SaaS model with HighLevel®.

HighLevel® Expert and fellow Marketing Agency owner.

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