10 step 'Profit Roadmap' framework

Are you a marketing agency using GHL looking for a way to optimize your clients' businesses with smart automations without having to spent countless hours on custom development from scratch? Look no further! Introducing our unique 10 step 'Profit Roadmap' framework.

We have developed a comprehensive framework consisting of 10 different systems.

Each system is installed as a standalone module, allowing you to implement them into your clients' accounts over a longer period of time. These modules are designed to handle different aspects of a business, ensuring that your clients can further optimize their operations and maximize profits.

What sets our 'Profit Roadmap' framework apart is that we use it in our own agency. We have seen firsthand the value it brings to our clients, and now we want to share this success with you. By implementing our framework, you can continue delivering exceptional value to your clients and help them achieve their business goals.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your marketing agency to the next level.

Unlock the full potential of the '10 Step Profit Roadmap Framework'. Start optimizing your clients' businesses today!

The 10 steps in the 'Profit Roadmap' framework:

  1. Essential Business Marketing System™

  2. Appointment Booking System™

  3. Reputation Management System™

  4. Referral Marketing System™

  5. Repeat Business System™

  6. Sales Conversion System™

  7. Lead Generating System™

  8. Lead Nurture System™

  9. Sales Optimizing System™

  10. Ads Optimizing System™

Here's how the Profit Roadmap' framework works:

In the first phase we focus on creating impact fast by levelling up key business marketing functions and focusing on improving our clients reputation with our first 3 systems (industry agnostic GHL Snapshots):

  1. Essential Business Marketing System™

  2. Appointment Booking System™

  3. Reputation Management System™

Essential Business Marketing System™

Appointment Booking System™

Reputation Management System™

The idea is simple...

when business reputation is great, cost of sale goes down and there is less friction having to attract new customers..

...Typically around 3 months mark each system is fully setup, client well onboarded and business significantly improved. At this stage client's business is noticing following benefits:

  • Business is building an email list with automated Newsletter Sign Up Funnel, smart automations are keeping the list healthy

  • Business is able to capture leads and start making more sales

  • All inbound lead channels are consolidated and no enquiry is no longer being missed (everything in one nice pipeline of opportunities)

  • Business now has deeper insights in to each contact in the CRM.. whether they are engaging more on email or sms, what sources generate more leads and more

  • There is a fully automated appointment system that handles bookings, reminders, no-shows and cancellations ➝ saving business A LOT of time, whilst increasing show up rate and # of new sales appointments!

  • Business is now generating feedback (very valuable for any business looking to grow) and has automated way for requesting online Reviews, generating Graphic for social media and responses to review (using smart AI)... especially those dreaded 1 star ratings.

...At this point we also advise our clients to start generating more content for social media, write regular articles and send out once a regular newsletter via email.

hint: We teach them how to use the AI content generator tools built inside GHL :-)

This helps not only increase their online presence, reach and engagement but also increase number of inbound organic enquiries and website traffic.

Another big reason we want clients to start getting into habit of creating content is because in around month 10 when we look at implementing our signature Lead Nurture System™, all those articles and videos will become super handy at being able to develop all the re-marketing campaigns much faster! ... more on that later...

In around month 4 we look at how to start generating new leads at no cost by installing a robust and fully automated Referral Marketing System™

And at month 5 we look at how to make our clients even more money (still no dime spent at Ads) with our 'Repeat Business System™' ... this one helps them increase their customer's lifetime value, order amounts and increase in repeat purchases... not to mention improving retention...

  • At this point business is

    generating leads, reputation continues to improve and

    everything starts to be more and more automated!

But we don't stop there...now we start to look at more automated way to make sales by setting up 'Sales Conversion System™' basically bunch of fancy sales funnels powered by bunch of dialed in automations to help follow up those that abandon the sales.

Now we are closing on month 6 and it's time to boost lead gen to those new funnels.. right?

Wrong!... There is nothing worse then running a paid ad to generate leads if you don't have a system in place to help you convert them... that's a sure fire way for wasting money... and no.. we're not talking about those Sales funnels we built in month 6... they're only good if you have people who are ready to buy now... that's about 5% of your traffic (or even less.)

The rest.. those 95% are either in awareness stage, considering about doing something or totally unaware of their problem...

This is were true marketing and re-marketing magic comes in!

It's now that we need to implement some solid 'Nurturing' ... meet people where they're at.. educate them, provide value and plant the seeds in their heads...

Just like a garden.. you gotta water the plants a while before you can harvest...

It's no different with an email list...

Here's what we do:

... first (at around month 8) we install the next system called 'Lead Generating System™'.. this one is basically bunch of awesome lead magnet funnels (e-book downloads, below $50 offers, Infographics etc.. basically bunch of value packed resources ... 'candies' to attract people that are on our list to stay engaged (or to entice new people to get on the list)...

Once we have those different lead magnet offers dialled in (this is very unique to each of our client's business needs), setup and funnels fully automated... we then get to work on our most complex and time consuming system...

... It's called Lead Nurture System™ and it's all about content re-marketing... there are 2 main campaigns here... the 'First 14 Days Nurture' (to quickly build like and trust with new leads and get some sales) ... and the '12-24 months Nurture' ... for those that need more time to decide (aka 'watering the plant' analogy)...

It's the 12 months re-marketing email campaign that has a lot of work because .. basically every email, video, blog article all needs to be created in a way that resonates with the target market.. not only that but also matched to their unique 'buyer journey stage'...

...educational bits for those that are in unaware stage

...problem solving content for those that are aware of their problem and looking for ways how to solve it

... special offers, webinars, demo calls etc for those that are in the considering doing something about their problem,

and lastly ... comparisons, product guides and pricing pages for those that deciding to buy and solve their problem...

That's marketing one one one really...

The best thing about the Lead Nurture System™ is that once it's set in place and automations are switched on, marketing becomes even more automated and lead to prospect conversion tends to increase dramatically!

And when that is dialled in, you have leverage... and with leverage you're ready to scale the business growth to 10x! with the final 2 bits of the puzzle.

In order to streamline sales outreach even further we plug in the Sales Optimising System™ . It's a system we've developed that is able to leverage on all of the engagement data like trigger link clicks, opt-ins and more... we than assign a 'score' point to every single touchpoint (different value based on type of call to action the links point to...)

There are 4 functions in the Sales Optimising System™ these are Lead Scoring, Lead Grading and Lead Rating and Qualification tool called B.A.N.T. ... together they are designed to help predict which CRM contacts are most likely a 'Hot Lead' so that the sales reps become more dialled in in their follow ups.

Ads Optimising System™ is the final piece of the puzzle... it pushes data from the system to FB Facebook to keep Ad Audiences most up to date so that when you're running ads, you are able to retarget with laser sharp precision thus decrease cost of advertising and increasing ad spend returns!

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10 Step 'Profit Roadmap' Framework

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